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  • High-quality Protective Wear


    Tella’s protective wear range includes gowns, coveralls, hair covers, caps and masks. All our products are suitable for use in both healthcare and food industry.
    We are one of the largest protective equipment producers in Finland. Our goal is to create responsible protective clothing regarding environmental and social responsibility.
    We want our protective clothes to be comfortable to wear and that one feels secure working in them.

    Why to choose protective wear from Tella?

    Comfortable — Our clothes are designed together with healthcare professionals. Tella’s adjustable design is made to fit a range of different-sized people.
    Responsible — We do our part in saving the planet for future generations. Our processes are well thought, we prefer land freight over air freight and our product development works continuously to make our designs even more sustainable.
    The production process is transparent and all the items are made in Finland.
    Quality — Good design, well-chosen materials and skilled stitchers are the backbone of our quality that make our protective wear safe and secure.
    Our products have the SFS-EN-14126 certification and we also use ISO 9100 regulations as our production guidelines.
    Customizable — Protective clothing should sit well on its user. Since not every body is the same, we also produce custom-sized protective wear.

    Interested in Tella protective wear?

    We can produce batches from 100 pieces to over 10 000 pieces. Our monthly production capacity is 100 000. All our products are made in Finland, so delivery times within Europe are short.

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