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    Made in Kurikka

    Today, the clothing industry is in the midst of a transformation. Consumers are becoming increasingly worried about the environment and knowledgeable about sustainability. Yet, at the same time, the need for better cost-efficiency is rising. All of this is driving new innovations in textile reuse and recycling. New ways to improve sustainability are being invented every year.

    Tella’s products are designed and made from start to finish in Kurikka, Finland. They are all made by seamstresses within an 18-mile (30-km) radius of Tella’s headquarters in South Ostrobothnia, Finland. This is partly because we deeply appreciate and want to support local, traditional crafts and partly because local production also means a smaller carbon footprint.

    In addition, Tella’s CEO Liina-Maaria Lönnroth participates in developing the sustainability of the entire industry as part of a workgroup managed by Finnish Textile & Fashion.

    Every stitch matters

    We made the choice to cut all our fabrics by hand. This enables a high degree of precision, which in turn translates into less cutting waste. In everything we do, we strive to use our materials as efficiently and completely as possible.

    Thanks to this practice, at the moment we don’t generate enough cutting waste to transport for recycling. Therefore, we currently dispose of it as energy waste, but not before donating all suitable patches of fabric to the local kindergarten for crafts. We are also in the process of mapping possibilities for better fabric recycling processes in partnership with local waste management companies and other textile companies operating in the area.  

    Durable materials

    Tella only uses materials produced in Finland and Central Europe to keep the carbon emissions from transport as low as possible.

    Here at Tella, our key criteria for materials is that their impact on the environment is absolutely minimal. We carefully vet our suppliers to make sure they share our values. Our fabrics are mostly made of natural materials such as wool and cotton. We are also constantly looking for new high-quality materials that are recycled or organic.

    One of Tella’s most important material suppliers and partners is Lapuan Kankurit. Their clean and natural fabrics, all woven in Finland, are a fantastic match for Tella’s products. Lapuan Kankurit shares Tella’s values of sustainability and enviromental responsibility.

    Continuous development

    Tella is a fast-growing company, which means our sustainability processes must also be constantly developed. At the moment we are working on a larger sustainability commitment, which we will expand upon and add details to the processes, principles and objectives described on this page.

    In the future, we aim to map our production chain and make it completely transparent, starting from the first steps, i.e. the producers of our raw materials. This includes, for example, sheep and sheep farmers as well as cotton farmers.

    Timeless = sustainable

    Nature is important to all of us at Tella. We are committed to protecting the environment and its diversity and want to be part of creating a more balanced, more sustainable world.

    With this in mind we have done our utmost to create fashion that lasts for a lifetime. Thanks to their timeless design, Tella’s hats never go out of style. Our carefully selected, high-quality materials ensure your hat will stand the test of time and be that go-to accessory you can always trust to look good on you.