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  • Effortless style

    The graceful cap

    Hats are awesome, aren’t they? They put the final touch to your style.

    They make people turn their gaze to you. A hat is always noticed.

    Sometimes a hat blends into your outfit. And sometimes it’s like a twist in your favourite story – it dramatically changes the way we see the ensemble.

    With a hat you can be funny or silly, sometimes even a little crazy. It also protects you from the cold, sleet and sun. It is always there for you.

    Loyal friend

    A great hat withstands time. It travels with you like a loyal friend, year after year, unconcerned by whimsical fashion trends. When you care for your hat, it will serve you faithfully for years.  

    The one

    Just like a magic wand finds its wizard, so a hat chooses its new owner. It’s truly a magical moment when a hat and a person find each other. You put the hat on, it fits perfectly and feels great. It makes both your eyes and your mind sparkle.


    We have made great hats by hand in Kurikka for over 80 years, over four generations. We are good at it. The next chapter in the story of our hats begins with you, our beloved customers. Tella hats come to life as part of your style and your everyday experiences.